Products Overview

We also offer the following products, please contact our sales office for further information, as these are not available via the webstore.

A full range of pre-stripped or fully terminated, cable assemblies up to 65GHz, including:

• Semi-rigid cable assemblies

• Custom-formed semi-rigid cable assemblies

• Corrugated cable assemblies

• Flexible cable assemblies

• Armoured cable assemblies

• High-performance low loss & ultra-low loss cable assemblies (UTiFLEX®)

• TVAC / space-grade assemblies

• Simple & complex delay lines

• Harnesses

• Glass fibre & PTFE lacing cord & tape

Our high reliability products are used in critical and harsh applications in Aerospace, Defence/Space, Test & Measurement and Communications.

Nothing less than the highest level of performance will do.

And you’ve made it your purpose to achieve it. 

That’s why we’ve made it our purpose to create innovative interconnect technologies

and devices you can rely on to make critical connections.

For performance with purpose, partner with Carlisle.